Smart Gate 50

Smart Gate 50
The Smart Gate 50 is a long range reader parking solution which was especially developed for applications where identification up to 10m is required. Due to the high speed detection and the ability to mount the transponder directly onto metal surfaces make this system ideal for vehicle and container identification. The stylish design makes this reader an eye-catcher for every entrance.
Benefits and features »

- Service friendly
- Adjustable reading range
- High-Speed reading
- Long read range distance (up to 8 meter with 100 Km/h)
- Anti-collision (can read multiple vehicle in the same time)
- Option to control barrier and lights
- Control period renting for parking.
- “Parking hold” feature allows connection to a loop detector to ensure accurate detection of vehicles in parking lanes.
- Multicolor LED with internal or host control of the
- LED and beeper.